Trump Has a Phone and a Pen As Well: Executive orders are a double-edged sword

schenectady_libertyI’ll post a link to the particulars, but it appears that some of the particularly controversial parts of the Affordable Care Act were empowered by executive order instead of written directly into the law. Okay some of you knew that already. The more astute among you for sure. But regular people probably didn’t realize it and might not understand the implications, so here we are.

My guess is that it happened for things that wouldn’t pass congressional muster. Like I said, you can go get the particulars if you want to. Legislating by executive order is executive over-reach. It is one of the many ways we have seen the executive branch use power that is reserved to the other branches, the states or the people. This has been going on for decades. It appears that the president took advantage of this power and began the process of unraveling the ACA’s more controversial requirements.

Another problem with it is that it becomes harder for people to obey the law. As more laws becomes regulations, they becomes more open to interpretation. The State likes it that way though, so don’t expect to see less of it. Don’t get too excited when you see a new president use executive orders or regulation re-interpretation in a way that you agree with over the last guy. Each time it is used, it transfers power from all of us to the president. And it seems to be a one way transfer.

So here is a link to an article with specifics. If you don’t like the source, Google your own. Trump’s Executive Order On Obamacare Means Everything And Does Nothing The author of this article seems to believe that the Order “does nothing” and he is right in the context in which he says that: it doesn’t grant any power that the president doesn’t already have, but as I said: every time a power is executed by the president that should be a law passed by Congress, it solidifies that power in the executive. My opinion I guess, but the evidence seems pretty clear to me. You be the judge.

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